Communities thrive when people work together.

At United Bank, we realize we are all interconnected. Intertwined. The fate of our business is tied to that of our community. When our community is healthy, so are we. When our community soars, we rise with it.

When we help a business expand with New Market Tax Credits, we also make a loan and gain new banking customers. Jobs are created, tax bases are increased, homes are purchased, and the local economy grows. When Capital Magnet Funds are used to help developers build affordable housing, the cycle of poverty is broken for area families, they began to participate in the local economy and become customers of our bank and other businesses. These businesses then grow, more jobs are created, and more money is invested back into our communities.

When our outreach and retail strategies drive growth for our bank, we can make more loans and increase our local investments. When we support innovators and entrepreneurs, the doors of opportunity are thrown open for many individuals and businesses throughout our region.


Communities thrive when people work together. Our leadership role in this space helps make our communities more livable, more attractive for businesses, and a source of pride for area residents. We support a wide range of community-building organizations, including the non-profit Communities of Transformation, which provided Wise Money Management to 43 individuals in 2018. Another example includes hosting Farm to Table events jointly with Feeding the Gulf Coast to promote grower connections while providing fresh produce for regional food banks.

Additionally, Bank staff participated in gleanings to assist local farmers build a connection with the food bank, coordinated VITA sites with bank volunteers to help with income tax preparation, and hosted a classroom instructional in support of the Teach Children to Save programs in area schools. Whether it’s financial literacy, operating the Church Street Incubator to help startup businesses or building connections, all of these efforts underscore our unwavering commitment to make all our communities better for everyone.


Another emerging area of growth is the Community Facilities Lending Program. This offering targets communities that need access to products to finance public infrastructure. Recently the City of Satsuma began construction on a much-needed upgrade to its public safety facilities.